2 Days Workshop on Advanced Vibration Analysis – Theory, Hand Calculation, Simulation


Topics Covered

– Introduction to Vibrations, Basic terminologies.
– Single Degree of Freedom Un-damped Free Vibrations
– Single Degree of Freedom Damped Free Vibrations
– Single Degree of Freedom of Forced Vibrations
– Two Degrees of Freedom Systems
– Multi Degree of Freedom Systems
– Continuous System
– Harmonic Analysis
– Finite Element Formulation for Harmonic Analysis
– Transient Vibration Analysis Theory
– Finite Element Formulation for Transient Analysis
– Random Vibration – Theory
– Finite Element Formulation for Random Vibration
– Introduction to Advanced Topics in Dynamics
– Seismic Analysis, Vibration induced Fatigue and Crack Growth, Noise and Acoustic


The workshop aims to cover mechanical vibration – Basic Theory and application of Finite Element Methods for Industrial Case Studies.

Learning from Workshop

  1. Understand theoretical principles of advanced vibration and the knowledge of analysing transient, nonlinear and random vibration for the practical problems.
  2. Understand the importance of advanced vibration theory in the design of parts/component subjected to transient, nonlinear and random loads.
  3. Application of finite element methods to solve advanced vibration problems.
  4. Knowledge of finite element analysis procedure to solve advanced vibration problems frequently encountered in industries.
  5. Ability to identify and rectify the errors while solving dynamics problems.
  6. Knowledge to extract the frequencies and mode shapes and interpret the results from finite element analysis.

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