Virtual Lab on Metal Forming Simulations using AFDEX



Virtual Lab –  hands on experience of Forging Simulations using AFDEX – Bulk Metal Forming Software

AFDEX is a general-purpose metal forming simulator, which meets the following requirements for intelligent bulk-metal- forming (BMF) simulation (BMFS):

  1. Solutions should be accurate, and volume loss or change due to the numerical schemes and procedures should be minimized and acceptable.
  2. Intelligent meshing or remeshing capabilities should minimize solution inaccuracies during remeshing and smoothing state variables.
  3. Optimized or adaptive meshing density capabilities should be adopted to obtain a solution within a reasonable computational time and without solution inaccuracy. Also, one should be able to successfully mesh complex geometries.
  4.  Characteristic boundaries (or edges) and workpiece-die interface boundaries should be accurately traced during simulation and remeshing to minimize changes in the boundary value problem due to remeshing.
  5.  Multi-stage BMF processes (especially multi-stage forging processes) should be simulated automatically to reduce the total simulation time (including both computational time and user processing time between the stages).
  6.  The simulator should be convenient and user friendly


This course aims to cover the fundamentals of Metal Forming Simulation, with practical case studies; Participants will be given hands on experience on different Forming Simulations using AFDEX – Bulk Metal Forming Simulation Software

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