Workshop on Structural & Thermal Analysis of Process & Powerplant components using ANSYS

About Course

This workshop is delivered online for design, engineering, maintenance, operations and FEM analysis team of process and powerplant industry component design, manufacturing units, service providers and OEMs. Workshop aims to cover basic to advanced knowledge on FEM enabled design evaluation, design verification and optimisation. Workshop will enrich knowledge on evaluating components for static, dynamic, linear, nonlinear, thermal and fatigue applications. Engineers from Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, Chemical Process, Refineries, Power plants can attend


Engineering Community is moving from conventional strength and stiffness-based design process to modern computational techniques-based design evaluation, validation to ensure the strength, durability, reliability and safety before the component or system used in service and also predictive modeling to ensure lower in-service failure.  Advanced simulation techniques are helping engineers associated with design, engineering, operations, inspection, maintenance, residual life assessment & extension, forensic studies in performing design evaluation and predictive modeling of safety critical component and systems.

This workshop aims to give a hands-on experience to the engineers from process and powerplant in performing structural, thermal evaluation and ASME Code (PV Sec VIII) qualifications, based on the stress evaluation approach using ANSYS – Multiphysics simulation software.

Two days workshop will cover from static to dynamic, linear to nonlinear, thermal, fatigue and Code qualifications on the selected components from process and powerplants. Also, problems associated with vibration, noise, cracks, failures will be discussed during the workshop.

Typical Components considered

Piping Pumps Valves
Boilers Cyclone Separators Heat Exchanger
Motors Turbines Coke Drum
Storage Tanks Furnace Distillation Column
Support Structures Pressure Vessel Cooling Towers

What Will I Learn?

  • Introduction to ANSYS Multiphysics
  • Knowledge on Numerical Techniques
  • Knowledge on Finite Element Analysis
  • Knowledge on Design Evaluation, Verification using FEM
  • Knowledge of Dynamic Analysis
  • Knowledge of Nonlinear Analysis
  • Knowledge of Thermal Analysis
  • Knowledge of Fatigue Life Assessment
  • Knowledge of ASME Code Qualification

Topics for this course


Introduction to ANSYS – Multiphysics Software and Its Capabilities

Introduction to Numerical Techniques and Its Applications

Fundamentals of Finite Element Method, Type of Analysis and its Applications

Linear Static Structural and Modal Analysis

Harmonic and Buckling Analysis

Response Spectrum : Time Response Analysis

Response Spectrum : Frequency Response Analysis

Fundamental of Nonlinear FEM

Elasto-Plastic Analysis – Nonlinear Contact, Material and Boundary Conditions

Thermal and Heat Transfer Analysis

Coupled Thermal – Structural Analysis

ASME Code Evaluation – Nozzle and PV

Fatigue Life Assessment

About the instructors

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Material Includes

  • Workshop Delivery
  • Learning materials will be available at fee


  • Basic Knowledge of ANSYS
  • Basic Knowledge of FEM
  • Product design experience
  • Workshop participation is by invitation only
  • Participants encouraged to send their requirements

Target Audience

  • Design Engineers
  • FEM Analysts
  • Product Designers
  • Maintenance Engineers
  • Operations Engineers
  • Vendor Evaluation Engineers
  • Saftey Engineers
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