Webinar on Mechanical Property (Stress-Strain Curve) Development by MD Simulation using J-OCTA

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This webinar will focus on explaining the process and physics behind developing Mechanical Properties of polymeric materials using Molecular Dynamics Simulation Techniques by J-OCTA Software. Major focussed material property developement demonstration is Stress-Strain Curve of Polymer and polymer composite.


This webinar will focus on explaining the physics and procedure behind developing mechanical properties for polymeric materials by molecular dynamics simulation using J-OCTA.

J-OCTA is an Integrated Simulation system for Material Research and Development.

J-OCTA is a material property analysis software that predicts material properties from atomic scale to micrometer scale on a computer when developing a wide range of materials such as rubber, plastics, thin films, paints and electrolytes. It can be used as a knowledge discovery tool to understand complicated phenomena and physical properties which could not be grasped only by experiment results. We will support state-of-the-art material design and material development by linking and operating simulators corresponding to each scale on a common platform.

Typical Material Properties Developed using J-OCTA

  1. Mechanical Properties : Stress-Strain Curve, Elastic Modulus, Peeling, Hysteresis, Failures, Interfacial Failures …
  2. Permeability / Diffusion : Gas barrier, Dissolution mechanism of gas or small molecule, Diffusion mechanism of gas or small molecule…
  3. Thermal Properties : Glass Transition Temperature, Thermal Expansion, Melting …
  4. Rheology – Viscoelastic, Hyperelastic Material Properties, Shear Moduli, Shear Modulus
  5. Optical Properties …
  6. Interfacial Properties : Solubility, Thermal, Phase Separation, Interface Structure, Surface Tension,..tec

What Will I Learn?

  • Knowledge on Molecular Dynamics Simulation
  • Knowledge on Multi-Scale Modeling
  • Knowledge on Nano Simulation
  • Knowledge on Material Property Development for polymeric or polymeric composite materials

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Material Includes

  • Webinar Recording
  • Presentation


  • Basic Idea of Molecular Simulation

Target Audience

  • Material Scientists
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Material Development and Characterisation Engineers
  • Material Processing Engineers
  • Material Testing Engineers
  • CAE Simulation Engineers
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