Webinar on accurate in-situ load measurement & correlations with FEM using True-Load

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About Course

True-Load is a first to market to solution that leverages FEA models to place strain gauges on unmodified physical parts and then back calculate loading. Output directly feeds into True-QSE events, a powerful post processing tool that supports rapid virtual iteration. True-Load directly interfaces to FEA fatigue software to make FEA based fatigue with correlated loading events a natural part of the design cycle.

Create multi-channel load cells leveraging your parts and FEA models.

  • Determine optimal strain gauge placement from FEA model
  • Calculate Load Proportionality Matrices
  • Use Measured Strains to back calculate Operating loads
  • Create Quasi-Static Events to be used with True-QSE


One of the most challenging tasks for an analyst is to develop load cases for their FEA model that match measured strain values. Typically, it will take weeks to develop the right load cases that match just one or two strain gauges at a single point in time.

True-Load makes that situation a thing of the past. True-Load will determine optimal gauge placement based on the FEA model. Once strains are collected at these optimal gauge locations, the strain data is read into True-Load to calculate load time histories that will typically match the measured strain to within 2% at every point in time. When combined with True-QSE, interrogating any point in the model for strain, stress or displacement is easy and interactive. Typically, it takes a few minutes to determine the strain gauge placement and a few minutes to back calculate the loading profiles.

Highlights of Webinar

  • How much you know about load on your products in service ?
  • How accurate your Loading Conditions in FEA Models ?
  • “Load History ” is the key requirement for Life Assessment; How to arrive at Accurate
    Load History ?
  • How accurate your physical testing and Load measurement / strain gauge placement ?
  • How to get real time loads for digital twin ?
  • How to use measured load details in Design Process ?



Dr. Tim Hunter, Ph.D., P.E.
Wolf Star Technologies, LLC, USA

What Will You Learn?

  • Understanding True-Load which turns measured strain data into meaningful load time histories
  • True-load turns complex components into multi-channel load cells
  • True-Load optimizes strain gauge placement
  • True-Load guarantees robust correlation
  • True-Load is key to accurate fatigue calculations with any FEA based fatigue software
  • True-Load reduces test cost
  • Eliminates design iterations

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