Course on Metal casting and Welding

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About Course

Metal casting and welding is a section of manufacturing process to attain the desire shape and size of the product/components from the raw material.Various methods of casting and welding process that are to be adopted in the manufacturing of the product/components depends on many parameters such as material, product/component specified properties, surface finish etc. Hence knowledge pertaining to these parameters that affects the quality of the product/component has to be acquired for the selection of particular process has been covered in the course content which is an important task of an engineer. Thus, engineers involved in these manufacturing sectors must acquire the basic knowledge of Metal casting and welding process by studying this course.

What Will You Learn?

  • Acquire knowledge on different casting and welding process and be able compare different process highlighting the advantage and disadvantage of each process to enhance the quality of the product (surface finish) with improving durability and minimize machining cost.
  • Understands the concepts of solidification process during variouscasting and weldingprocesses.methods for the quality assurance of components made of casting and welding or joining process.

Course Content

Introduction & basic materials used in foundry, Introduction to casting process and steps involved, Patterns, Study of important moulding process

  • Introduction: Definition, Classification of manufacturing processes. Metals cast in the foundry-classification,factors that determine the selection of a casting alloy.
  • Introduction to casting process & steps involved: Patterns: Definition, classification, materials used for pattern, various pattern allowances and theirimportance. Sand moulding: Types of base sand, requirement of base sand. Binder, Additives definition, need and types;preparation of sand moulds. Melding machines- Jolt type, squeeze type and Sand slinger. Study of important moulding process: Green sand, core sand, dry sand, sweep mould, CO2mould, shellmould, investment mould, plaster mould, cement bonded mould. Cores: Definition, need, types. Method of making cores, Concept of gating (top, bottom, parting line, horn gate) and risers (open, blind) Functions and types.

Melting and Metal Mold Casting Methods, Melting furnaces, Casting using metal moulds

Solidification and Non-Ferrous Foundry Practice, Fettling and cleaning of castings, Nonferrous foundry practice

Welding process, Special type of welding

Metallurgical Aspects in Welding, Soldering, Brazing, Gas Welding

Inspection methods

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