Course on Kinetics of Machines

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About Course

This course will deal with kinematic analysis of mechanisms and machines which includes motion transmission analysis of linkage mechanisms, Planar motion,open and closed-chain links, cams and geared transmission.


Kinematics is a branch of theory of machines which deals with the study of relative motion of various elements of machine without taking into consideration the forces which act upon them.Kinematics of machines is a very special course for the mechanical, aeronautical and automobile engineers. This course deals with distinctive features and construction of the mechanism with an introduction to the subject matter and nomenclature, and will cover direct and inverse kinematics, velocity and acceleration analysis, cam and follower motion and kinematic analysis of gear transmission so as to demonstrate various concepts of mechanisms and their constructions by analysing and working out problems relevant to real life applications of mechanisms.Thus, attending this course by mechanical, aeronautical/ aerospace, electrical and biomedical engineers will gain theoretical knowledge about how the mechanism works and then know the machine sare constructed to perform their functionality which are found its application in real life.

What Will I Learn?

  • After completion, the course will help engineers to understand the basic concept of mechanism, machine and related terminologies and the use of kinematic analysis.
  • Exposed to various mechanism and motion transmission elements most used in engineering.
  • Will be able to analyse a mechanism for displacement, velocity and acceleration at any point in a moving link..
  • Have gained the theoretical knowledge tdesign, analysis and construction of cam follower mechanism a per the specific need.
  • Illustrate and explain the design principles, construction and working of gears and gear trains.

Topics for this course

6 Lessons40h

Introduction to mechanisms

Mechanisms: Definitions: Link , types of links, joint, types of joints kinematic pairs, Constrained motion,kinematic chain, mechanism and types , degrees of freedom of planar mechanisms, Equivalent mechanisms, Groshoff’s criteria and types of four bar mechanisms, , inversions of of four bar chain, slider crank chain, Doubler slider crank chain and its inversions, Grashoff’s chain. Mechanisms: Quick return motion mechanisms-Drag link mechanism, Whitworth mechanism and Crank and slotted lever Mechanism. Straight line motion mechanisms, Peaucellier’s mechanism and Robert’s mechanism. Intermittent Motion mechanisms: Geneva wheel mechanism, Ratchet and Pawl mechanism, toggle mechanism, pantograph, condition for correct steering, Ackerman steering gear mechanism.

Velocity and Acceleration analysis of mechanisms (Graphical Method)

Velocity and Acceleration analysis of mechanisms (Analytical Method)


Spur Gears

Gear Trains

About the instructor

Dr. Jagadish T

Director, Research and Development

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  • The prerequisites required are basic knowledge of physical science, mathematics, and general engineering related topics such as static, kinematics,dynamics and engineering mechanics.

Target Audience

  • Engineers working in mechanical,automotive, aeronautical, aerospace and biomedical device design and manufacturing related Industry can participate.
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