Course on Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing

About Course

Computer aided design and manufacturing deals with creating geometric model, extracting design data and control automated machinery with the aid of computers.


Computer-aided design and drafting involves creating computer models defined by geometrical parameters derived after the design analysis and evaluation process. Computer-aided manufacturing uses these geometrical design data to control automated machinery. Computer aided manufacturing systems are associated with computer numerical controller direct numerical control systems. Computer aided design and manufacturing is adopted to increase the productivity of the designer, improve the quality of design, improve communications through documentation and to create a database for manufacturing prototypes, finished products, and production of the actual product. An integrated CAD/CAM system offers one complete solution for design through manufacturing.

What Will I Learn?

  • Define Automation, CIM, CAD, CAM and explain the differences between these concepts. Solve simple problems of transformations of entities using computer.
  • Explain the basics of automated manufacturing system through mathematical models.
  • Analyse the automated flow lines to reduce time and enhance productivity.
  • Explain the use of different computer applications in manufacturing, and able to prepare part programs for simple jobs on CNC machine tools and robot programming.
  • Visualize and appreciate the modern trends in Manufacturing like additive manufacturing, Industry 4.0 and applications of Internet of Things leading to Smart Manufacturing.

Topics for this course

10 Lessons40h

Introduction to CIM and Automation

Introduction to CIM and Automation: Automation in Production Systems, automated manufacturingsystems- types of automation, reasons for automating, Computer Integrated Manufacturing, computerized elements of a CIM system, CAD/CAM and CIM. Mathematical models and matrices: production rate, production capacity, utilization and availability, manufacturing lead time, work-in- process, numerical problems.

Automated Production Lines and Assembly Systems

CAD and Computer Graphics Software

Computerized Manufacture Planning and Control System

Flexible Manufacturing Systems

Line Balancing

Computer Numerical Control

Robot Technology

Robot Technology

Additive Manufacturing Systems

Future of Automated Factory

About the instructor

Dr. Jagadish T

Director, Research and Development

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  • The prerequisites required are fundamental knowledgein material science, mechanics of materials, mechanical design, manufacturing process, numerical techniques, computer programming, industrial engineering and management.

Target Audience

  • Engineers working in design and manufacturing sections in mechanical, automotive, aerospace, railways, defence, nuclear energy, thermal power, wind, medical equipment, etc, and related Industry can participate.
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