Course on Process Flow & Heat Transfer Modelling of Thermal Power Plants

About Course

This Course deals with Thermal - Hydraulic modelling and simulation of fossil powerplant systems, sub-systems and components to understand the behaviour at steady-state and transient/dynamic conditions with integrated simulation of different mechanical, thermal, fluid, control and electrical systems.


This course aims to cover the basic to advanced theory  of thermal-hydraulic systems with Integrated simulation of

  • Thermodynamics
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Heat Transfer
  • Control Systems
  • Mechanical Systems
  • Electrical Systems

to steady the stead-state and dynamic behaviour of component, sub-system and system level. Course will cover the different scenarios of that occur in an thermal power / fossil power plants like hammer, cavitation, pipe break, pump performance drop, combustion and so on.

What Will I Learn?

  • Theoretical Understanding of Thermodynamics Modeling
  • Theoretical Understanding of Fluid Mechanics Modeling
  • Theoretical Understanding of Heat Transfer
  • Modeling of Thermal-Fluid Investigations Studies
  • System, Sub-system and Component level study
  • Complete Thermal Powerplant Process Flow Modeling
  • Dynamics Simulation of Worst Scenarios
  • Optimisation of Performance and Efficiency

Topics for this course

62 Lessons

Introduction & Fundamental Theory

Heat Transfer
Fluid Mechanics

Steady State Analysis

Transient Analysis

Advanced Thermal Fluid

Experiment 1 : Feedwater Systems

Experiment 2 : Steam Turbine & Supporting Systems

Experiment 3 : Cooling Water Circuits

Experiment 4 : Ash Slurry

Experiment 5 : Boiler Steam Systems

Experiment 6 : Boiler Auxiliary Systems

Experiment 7 : Natural Circulation Boiler

Experiment 8 : Condensers

Experiment 9 : Valves

Experiment 10 : Compressors & Heat Exchanger

Experiment 11 : Pumps & Turbos

Experiment 12 : Combined Cycle Plant

About the instructor

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Material Includes

  • Course Technical Delivery
  • Industrial Case Studies and Example
  • Study Materials on Process Flow and Heat Transfer Modeling


  • Understanding of Powerplant Cycles
  • Understanding of Thermal Plat Process
  • Understanding of CFD Modeling

Target Audience

  • Thermal Powerplant Designers
  • Thermal Powerplant Component Designers
  • Process Engineers
  • Boiler Engineers
  • Component Testing Engineers
  • Process Modelling
  • CFD Engineers
  • System Integrators
  • Thermodynamics Engineers
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