Course on Nonlinear FEM Analysis

About Course

This course Nonlinear FEM aims to cover basic to advanced knowledge of nonlinear sources, fundamental theory, solution procedure, iterative methods, solution convergence, divergence, strain-hardnening..etc. Nonlinear FEM is an key analysis, which ensures the real-world problems in virtual platform. The course is composed of both theory and practical’s using commercial software in solving problems.


This course is planned for the working engineers, FEM Analysts, teachers, technical staffs, design and practicing engineers; who are having knowledge of the Finite Element Analysis or undergone Solid Mechanics / Foundation Course on Finite element Analysis course on Virtual Engineering and wish to perform the most complex nonlinear analysis and understand the theory, procedure and solutions.

Attending this course engineers will gain theoretical knowledge of nonlinear analysis and its application with the ability to identify and rectify the errors while solving engineering problems and interpret the results from the analysis. The course is composed of both theory and practical’s using commercial software in solving problems.

What Will I Learn?

  • Understand and acquire the knowledge of nonlinear analysis
  • Formulate theoretical equations to nonlinear problems in solid and structural mechanics.
  • Demonstrate finite element analysis procedure to solve structural and geometrical nonlinearities, boundary value problems.
  • Ability to identify and rectify the errors while solving nonlinear engineering problems
  • Knowledge to interpret the results from the nonlinear finite element analysis.

Topics for this course

19 Lessons70h

Brief review of FEM Analysis and its procedures

Fundamentals of Nonlinearity

Sources of Nonlinearity – Geometric Nonlinearity

Sources of Nonlinearity – Material Nonlinearity

Sources of Nonlinearity – Boundary Condition Nonlinearity

Nonlinear solution procedures

Nonlinear Iteration Methods

Convergence and Divergence Solutions

Nonlinear Strain Hardening

Nonlinear problems associated with contact mechanics

Nonlinear problems associated with static and dynamics

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Material Includes

  • Course technical delivery
  • Course study materials
  • Sample practical problems
  • Support to solve the problems


  • All those who have already undergone the foundation course on solid mechanics and Finite Element Methods and wish to learn and enhance their knowledge about the applications of non-linear structures/solid mechanics problems.

Target Audience

  • Design Engineers/CAE Engineers/Engineers working in mechanical, automotive, aerospace, railways, defence, nuclear energy, thermal power, wind, medical equipment, electrical and electronics etc, and related Industry involving advanced design analysis can participate.
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