Course on Metal Fatigue Analysis – Theory and Simulation

About Course

This course aims to cover the basic to advanced theoretical and simulation aspects of Fatigue, Durability and Life Assessment. Covering the material, loading influence along with manufacturing process parameter effect on fatigue life.


Growing market is demanding more engineered products in a shorter design cycle, with longer life, durable, reduced cost and with better performance and competitive. Which encourages designers, researchers to explore more and more realistic solutions, techniques and procedures to ensure the consumer demand is achieved. Material in Design plays a major role in the design cycle innovation, leading to find better, smarter, cheaper material along with new product design techniques, innovative manufacturing technologies and in-service treatments. Innovations are inevitable to achieve best solutions however, it makes engineering product designers challenge still more complex in understanding, exploring and acquiring the knowledge of physics behind phenomenon associated with fatigue, fracture, material, process, product design, validation techniques & verification procedures to meet the real world challenge. It is the need of the hour to acquire, adopt and excel in this knowledge.

This course introduces concept of fatigue, fatigue mechanisms, loading aspects, material aspects of fatigue and considerations in testing and simulation. The course aims to cover the detailed knowledge on theoretical and simulation aspects of stress based and strain based fatigue life calculations; also extends to calculate the effect of manufacturing parameters like residual stress, surface finish on fatigue life.

Course aims to give introduction to thermo-mechanical and creep fatigue, vibrational fatigue, weld fatigue aspects.

On the loading front it will cover bi-axial and multi-axial fatigues, temperature dependent, time dependent loading aspects are covered.

What Will I Learn?

  • Introduction to Metal Fatigue Theory
  • Introduction to Fatigue Simulation
  • Factors influencing the fatigue life
  • Signal processing for fatigue
  • Stress based fatigue life
  • Strain based fatigue life
  • Bi-axial and multi-axial fatigue life

Topics for this course

53 Lessons75h

Introduction to fatigue

Stages of fatigue failure
Strength reduction due to cyclic load
Description of fatigue loading
Typical loading cycles
Endurance curves
Generalizing fatigue data
Fatigue life prediction approaches

Stress-life (S-N) analysis

Strain-life (E-N) analysis

Signal processing for fatigue

Bi-axial and Multiaxial fatigue

Fatigue of welded joints

Statistics in fatigue

Factors influencing fatigue

Introduction to advanced topics

About the instructor

Dr. Jagadish T

Director, Research and Development

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Material Includes

  • Technical Delivery of the Course
  • Practical Examples to solve
  • Study Materials of the course


  • Knowledge of Finite Element Analysis
  • Knowledge of Strength of Materilas

Target Audience

  • FEM Analysts
  • Fatigue Testing Engineers
  • Quality Engineers
  • Material Testing Engineers
  • Field Service Engineers
  • Design, R&D, CAE Engineers
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