Course on EMI/EMC Design Solutions

About Course

This training/workshop aims to bring the theory, testing, design and analysis aspects of Electromagnetic Interference and Compatibility threats to Electrical / Electronic system .


In today’s high density electric system and devices, the goal of Electromagnetic compatibility is of paramount importance. This course overs every basics of EMI / EMC, EMI source, National & International Standards, Control Techniques, Measurements and proving the designs as EMC solutions.

We plan to cover EMI / EMC Evaluation at CARD & System level for Auto, Aero, Naval, Defense, Electronic
Components and consumer electronics with various case studies.

What Will I Learn?

  • Fundamentals of EMI/EMC
  • EMI/EMC Control Techniques
  • EMI/EMC Measurements
  • EMI/EMC Standards
  • EMI/EMC Simulation

Topics for this course

26 Lessons60h

Introduction to EMI-EMC

Philosophy of EMI/EMC in life cycle of equipment
Intentional & Unintentional EMI sources

EMI Standards

EMI Measurements

EMI Control Techniques


Designing for EMC

EMI / EMC Evaluation of PCBS

System Level EMC / Case Studies

EMI Check List & Summary

EMI Test Facilities

Computational Simulation of EMI / EMC

About the instructor

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Material Includes

  • Technical Course Delivery
  • Practical Simulation Examples
  • Study material on EMI/EMC Design Solutions


  • Basic Knowledge of Field Theory
  • Electronics System Knowledge

Target Audience

  • Design, Development, Production Engineers involved in various electronic product development
  • Analysis, Simulation Engineers evaluating various Components and Systems.
  • Testing Managers / Engineers performing physical product testing.
  • Quality Assurance Engineers / Managers certifying Electrical / Electronic Products for EMI / EMC.
  • Antenna Design, PCB Design, Cable Harness Engineers.
  • Related to above field / wish to get the knowledge on EMI / EMC.
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