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About Course

Control engineering deals with the behaviour of dynamic systems that applies control theory to design systems with desired behaviours in control environments.


Control is a function of an activity which helps to check errors in order to take corrective actions if any in the activity. A control system is a system of devices or set of devices, that manages, commands, directs or regulates the behaviour of other devices or systems to achieve the desired results.Control Engineers design, implement and maintain the system/processes that will help the industry to increase productivity.Hence the subject Control engineering is concerned with the design of controllers that will cause the systems to behave in the desired manner.Main goal in control engineering is to ensure that the system is performing its functions smoothly and efficiently while also meeting the quality and safety standards. All systems/process has some inputs and outputs in which the output variables of a system need to follow a certain reference over time, a controller manipulates the inputs to a system to obtain the desired effect on the output of the system.Control unit or control system is a mechanism that uses continuous monitoring of a system/process operational variables and then uses that information to adjust variables to reach system/process output specifications and objectives.

What Will I Learn?

  • Identify the type of control and control actions and develop the mathematical model of the physical systems.
  • Represent the complex physical system using block diagram and signal flow graph and obtain transfer function.
  • Estimate the response and error in response of a systems subjected to some standard input signals.
  • Analyse a linear feedback control system for stability.
  • Analyse the stability of linear feedback control systems in frequency domain.

Topics for this course

7 Lessons40h


Introduction: Components of a control system, Open loop and closed loop systems.

Types of Controllers

Modelling of Physical Systems

Time Domain

Block Diagram

Stability of Linear Control Systems

Stability Analysis

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Dr. Jagadish T

Director, Research and Development

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  • The prerequisites required are fundamental knowledge in physics, mathematics, measurements and mathematical modelling.

Target Audience

  • Engineersworking in Mechanical, automotive, aerospace, railways, defence, nuclear energy, thermal power, wind, medical equipment, civil, electrical and electronics etc, and related Industry can participate.
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