Course on CFD with OpenFoam – Level 01

About Course

This course aims to cover the computational fluid dynamics theory, practical and projects using OpenFoam Software; with hands on experience of problem solving.


What is OpenFOAM

OpenFOAM is a C++ based open source platform/toolbox with a range of standard numerical solvers and pre/post processing utilities for continuum mechanics problems including computational fluid dynamics. In simple and relevant terms, OpenFOAM is a powerful free to use platform which can specifically be used for CFD simulations.

OpenFOAM Advantage :

The structure of OpenFOAM requires a rather clear knowledge of the governing equations, aspects related to discretization, the nature and underlying structure of the fluid domain, mesh structure and the solution methodology to solve a problem on hand. Without some of the basics, even case setup becomes next to impossible. Thus, OpenFOAM enables holistic evolution of knowledge base pertaining to computational fluid dynamics aspects, an aspect which makes OpenFOAM different from other solvers.

What Will I Learn?

  • Understanding the fundamentals of CFD
  • Understanding what is OpenFoam
  • Understanding OpenFOAM Architecture - Governing Equations, Discretisation, Mesh Structure, Solution Methodology
  • Understanding the holistic evolution of knowledge base with OpenFoam
  • Solving Problems or Industrial cases with OpenFoam
  • Understanding the difference of OpenFoam with Other Solvers

Topics for this course


Computational Fluid Dynamics – An Overview

Mathematical Preliminaries

Fluid dynamics preliminaries

Conservations equations

Discretization of governing equations

Turbulence and its modelling

Linux Fundamentals

Open FOAM – Getting started

Open FOAM – Meshing fundamentals

Open FOAM – Case setup and solution(Preliminary)

Open FOAM – Case setup and solution (Extended)

Open FOAM – Review of solvers and solution schemes

About the instructors

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Material Includes

  • The candidate will become conversant with OpenFOAM platform and will be able
  • to set up and execute new/tutorial cases and post process the results.


  • Basic knowledge of fluid mechanics, thermodynamics and numerical techniques.
  • Some LINUX knowledge helps but is not mandatory.

Target Audience

  • Engineers/ CFD Professionals/Researchers from Mechanical/Civil sciences and allied
  • sciences, Interested to learn CFD.
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