Course on Composite Materials Technology

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About Course

The course Composites Material Technology is an enveloping course to acquire the knowledge in advanced materials that is in demand to build a lighter and stronger materials for industrial application.


Composite materials are formed by combining two or more materials that have chemically and physically different phases separated by a distinct interface that do not dissolve or blend into each other and work together to give the composite unique properties. The most important reason why composite materials are important is the versatility in their properties which enables them to be applied in large number of fields. Other reasons are their high strength, light weight, corrosion resistance, design flexibility and durability.Composite has the advantage of combining several properties not usually found together in a single material. It combines high strength and low weight, while at the same time it is non-corrosive and has thermal and electrical insulation properties.

Thus, the main aim of the course is to prepare the participants to tackle complex and frontier technological process to build, analyses and recommend the feasibility of the advanced materials that can adopted in industries. Thus, participants will gain theoretical knowledge of advanced material technology and its practical applications with the ability to design, analyse and manufacture the composites.

What Will I Learn?

  • Understand the constituents, reinforcement, nature interface and types of bonding in composites.
  • Decide the method of manufacturing processes of composite materials.
  • Predict the behaviour of constituents in the composite materials.
  • Identify different types of reinforcement, matrices in composites.
  • Analyse micro and macro mechanical behaviour, various characterization techniques of composites.
  • Implement the knowledge and analysis skills in applying basic laws in mechanics to the composite materials.

Topics for this course

14 Lessons40h

Introduction to Composite Materials, Constituent of composite materials

Introduction to Composite Materials: Definition, classification & brief history of composite materials. Constituent of composite materials: Reinforcements, Matrix, Coupling agents, coatings & fillers.

Reinforcements, Materials, Interfaces

Polymer Matrix Composites (PMC): Processing of PMC’s

Metal Matrix Composites

Ceramic Matrix Composites (CMC): Processing of CMC’s

Carbon Fiber/Carbon Matrix Composites

Multifilamentary Superconducting Composites

Non Conventional Composites

Performance/Characterization of Composites

Fatigue Properties, Impact Properties

Micromechanics of Composites

Macro mechanics of Composites

About the instructor

Dr. Jagadish T

Director, Research and Development

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  • All those who have already undergone the foundation course on material science, mechanics of machine and manufacturing process and wish to learn and enhance their knowledge about composite technologies and their applications in design, analysis and manufacturing the products.

Target Audience

  • Design Engineers/CAE Engineers/Engineers working in mechanical, automotive, aerospace, railways, defence, nuclear energy, thermal power, wind, medical equipment, electrical and electronics etc, and related Industry involving design analysis can participate.
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