2 Days Workshop on Solid Mechanics Theory and FEA

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About Course

This workshop aims to cover solid mechanics theory and hands on practical simulation of application engineering problems using finite element analysis programs. This course has three parts Part A : Theory Part B : Practical Part C : Projects


This workshop on Solid Mechanics Theory and Finite Element Analysis is short term workshop; associated with CAE Expert – Training Series,  with an course code of “Course Module 01: SMTFEA001” and offered online, offline. Workshop is about 16 hours duration with theory and practical sessions covered.

However interested students can also take up detailed course of 50 hours at their convenient time, which needs to be registered under the course section.

What Will I Learn?

  • Quick overview on Solid Mechanics Theory
  • Fundamentals of Computational Simulations
  • Comparision of Hand Calculation and Simulated Results
  • Solving Application Engineering problems
  • Post Training Support for Students to solve real-time working problems

Topics for this course

36 Lessons16h

Analysis of Stress

Definition of Stresses
Stress Notation
The State of Stress at a Point
Stress on a Arbitrary Plane
Transformation Equations for Stresses
Principal Stresses
Octahedral Stresses
Hydrostatic and Pure Shear States
Equations of Equilibrium
Equations of Equilibrium in Cylindrical Coordinate

Analysis of Strain

Generalized Hooke’s Law

Basic Equations of Solid Mechanics

Theories of Failure

About the instructor

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Material Includes

  • Technical Learning Materials
  • Solved Problems
  • FEA Software Access to perform practical


  • Understanding of Strength of Materials
  • Good Internet Facility for Online
  • Good Audio Facility
  • Computer with Compatible OS

Target Audience

  • Design Engineers
  • FEA Analysts
  • Teaching Faculties
  • Research Scholars
  • Students
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